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Outer Wilds is a alpha game and is expected to have bugs and glitches. Place any bugs you find here to help the developer find and correct them and any fixes to these problems that someone discovers


  • Spinning - Your character begins looking to the left for two or three rotations but sometimes will never stop.
  • Flashlight - when using a duel shock 3 sixaxis (ps3 controller) no buttons activate the flashlight.
  • Takeoff - when using a duel shock 3 sixaxis (ps3 controller) the triggers do not provide thrust: FIX: using the up arrow on the D-pad will provide upwards thrust.
  • When at the The Vessel, upon opening the map all the objects on the map turn grey.
  • On windows(Not tested on other operating systems) while the game is in fullscreen, launch a probe, take a picture, alt tab out of the game, reopen the game and the picture will now show the O2 and Fuel Bars.
  • On the Hourglass Twins underground where you go to the Tower with the blue light. If you continue till you see it changing from a rock cave to the tall alien tower. In the transition between the rock cave and the alien built tower you can jetpack up into the planet. Like, inside the textures because there is a hole. If you fly down or up you will most likely get crushed and die.
  • On the Hourglass Twins, if you get put your ship in between a ledge and the expanding sand, then, the ship will get stuck in the sand. If you touch it, you'll be flung away. For some reason, gravity breaks and takes you in many different directions, flying you off the planet very quickly.
  • Not so much a bug as an oversight of the developer(s) expecting you not to go out too far, if you fly far out the sun will eventually glitch up and disappear, if you fly even further out you will hear loud crashing and banging sounds which will increase in frequency the further you go. After a while they stop though.
  • Zooming out on the minimap for too long causes the background to shake and flicker.
  • Pressing BACK and Y (Xbox 360 Controller) at the same time, will cause the player to go into landing mode vision and will cause the minimap to open as well. If the player presses Y again, he will no longer be able to control the character and will have to restart the game. (You will be able to control your character as long as your in the minimap.)