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One of the images you might see after dying.

Death is one of the primary elements in Outer Wilds. When the player dies, images of their last life flash before their eyes, starting from the moment they died, to the moment they spawned in the Village. After dying, the player respawns in the Village again. Now, the player can remember the launch codes from the previous life. The first time this happens, the Rocket Scientist inquires about your knowledge of the launch codes.

The player is always bound to die after 20 minutes, as part of a time loop. This is due to the supernova, which cannot be stopped or outrun in the current version of the game. (yet) There are many other ways to die as well.

Ways to Die

  • Death by supernova
  • Falling/crashing into the Sun
  • Striking things with your body at a high velocity.
  • Sufficient damage to your ship while you're inside.
  • Being eaten by an anglerfish
  • Suffocation by loss of oxygen
  • Getting crushed by the rising sand on the Hourglass Twins.
  • Crashing/landing on the lava surface of the Devil's Furnace.
  • Being struck by fireballs or falling debris on Brittle Hollow.
  • Being crushed by the islands while out of your ship on Giant's Deep.