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The Deep Space Teleporter is a slowly-rotating teleporter beyond the orbit of Dark Bramble that teleports the player to a receiving node on another planet, such as the one on the Hourglass Twins. There is no timer, but when it lines up with a planet it is triggered. To get to it simply fly through the black hole at the centre of Brittle Hollow.


Watch out for chunks of rock as you fly through- it can damage your ship or your body. Also, to use the teleporter you must be out of your ship, so you may want to leave it at a convinient location before you go.

The Deep Space Teleporter is not on rails, and its rotation and location can be pushed by the player and/or ship. This may trap the ship inside due to false gravity created by excessive rotation.


As the Deep Space Teleporter is a free-floating object in deep space, it can not only be re-oriented by the player's ship flying into it, but it can be completely relocated as well, should the player fly their ship inside the tower, and tow the object across the system. While this is difficult, takes a lot of time, and is nearly impossible to reverse directions in before the Time Loop cycle of 20 minutes is up, it is technically possible to tow the Deep Space Teleporter to another planet entirely if you position it in line of orbit of another planet, or simply drag it to a planet while flying nestled inside.

Strangely enough, when flown directly at Dark Bramble (if you somehow manage to get it going that way within the time limit) the Teleporter begins acting strangely, and can be rammed into an Angler-fish to... very curious effects.

On top of this, the Teleporter does not interact with the atmosphere of Giant's Deep, simply passing through it as if it were in space. further experimentation is needed to see if the Teleporter interacts with any parts of Giant's Deep and the other planets.

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