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Devil's Furnace from space, spewing out lava from one of its volcanoes.

Devil's Furnace is a relatively small but highly volcanic moon orbiting Brittle Hollow. The volcanoes are constantly throwing out balls of lava at Brittle Hollow. This causes parts of Brittle Hollow's crust to collapse inwards to the black hole at its center. Over the course of 20 minutes until the supernova, this causes most of the planet's surface to collapse.

Sometimes, a fireball misses the crust and enters the black hole of Brittle Hollow, causing fireballs to be found elsewhere in the solar system. Due to this, sometimes a ball of lava can be found crash-landed on a planet far from Devil's Furnace.

It has quite a fast orbit around Brittle Hollow whilst turning. Be cautious of balls of lava hitting you if you are approaching Brittle Hollow as it only takes a few to destroy your spaceship.


  • The Devil's Furnace is the smallest of all the moons in the system. Due to the lethal lava and the high rotation speed, landing on this moon may prove difficult. Because of the lack of gravity, you'll be floating away once you jump.
  • The lava balls remain intact in water, meaning that they can be found in Giant's Deep.
  • Information regarding The Devil's Furnace can be found on Brittle Hollow, inside a crashed Pod lodged in the planet's crust. It claims that the moon appeared "inactive" at the time of recording, indicating that it's volcanic activity has begun relatively recently.
  • The Devil's Furnace is one of the only locations with no apparent relics.

A fireball that has landed on Giant's deep.

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