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The Moon, as seen from orbit around Timber Hearth.

The campfire and the traveler.

The Moon is a grey natural satellite of Timber Hearth that is almost entirely barren, with perfectly level terrain and very few features. There are a few evergreen trees centered around a campfire and hut, where one of the travelers can be found listening to a radio. The music coming from the radio is a compilation of every traveler's instrument. At the pole, there is a small monument.

Aside from roasting a marshmallow and engaging in a short conversation, there is not much to do. However, the traveler mentions trying to throw probes at the village.


  • It is possible, if you're careful, to use only your spacesuit to fly from the moon from Timber Hearth, then fly back to the surface of Timber Hearth. You may take a bit of damage on hitting the ground, but if you're careful it's not enough to kill you.
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