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The village, as seen from above.

The Village is a small establishment in one of Timber Hearth's craters. It contains most of the player's species found in the game, many wooden houses and shacks, at least two children, and at least six adults. It has the Observatory, a Zero-G training area, a lift, a pad to launch spaceships, a radio telescope, a few campfires, and most of Timber Hearth's evergreens. The game starts in the village.


The village was made by a four-eyed biped species. For most of its existence, their inhabitants thought the crater was the entire world. Recently, they discovered that wasn't true. Eventually, the first satellite was launched, taking the first pictures of their planet from space. They then tried to send a person to space, but failed. The only thing that remained was the pilot's seat. Another expedition to space resulted in disaster, with the person piloting becoming stuck in Dark Bramble. The player is the pilot of a later expedition. Not too long after the player reaches space, the sun goes supernova, destroying the village and Timber Hearth.

A framed photograph of the village in the Observatory. The green plate reads: This crater has always been our home. In fact, for generations we assumed it was the entire world. Now we know that our crater is one of many geographical depressions on a tiny rock hurtling through the endless void of space. But it's still our favorite.

Known Inhabitants

  • Three people, names unknown
  • Two children, names unknown. One owns a functional model ship, the other has a small signalscope.
  • The Curator. Owner and curator of the Observatory. Gives the player the launch codes for the spaceship.
  • The Rocket Scientist. Builds and repairs ships. Fixed the retrorockets on the player's ship.
  • The Zero-G Coach. Teaches the player how to fly in zero gravity.


  • The chimneys on top of the houses can push you up.
  • The gravity is perfectly level here, even though everywhere else on the planet it curves with the planet's shape. This can cause the character to tilt alarmingly when crossing the rim of the crater.